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How is GPS influencing my battery life?

Tales & Tours is a location aware application, which uses GPS from time to time. Frequent use of GPS influences the battery life of the device. 

Therefore we try to optimize the use of frequent GPS only when we think the user needs it: 

In the following cases the Tales & Tours app uses GPS:
  1. Looking on the fullscreen worldmap on the homescreen: We think it's relevant to show you relevant guides and center you on the map when exploring the world of Tales & Tours. Exit the fullscreen map deactivates the GPS again.
  2. In an outdoor Guide - play mode: You are exploring a guide and it's contents. The GPS is active on it's highest, battery consuming, mode, to give you relevant information on the way. Be sure to start your active guide sessions with a full battery. If you only want to use the guides as a reference once in a while, be sure to exit the guideview. 
In all other cases the Tales & Tours app might request GPS once, but kill the GPS feature immediately. You can see whenever Tales & Tours is using GPS (and not other apps are doing so in the background) that the 'Location'-icon in the statusbar will switch on. When GPS is deactivated (and again, not running in the background through other devices like Google Now(tm) or certain activity trackers) this 'Location'-icon in the statusbar will hide again.

Also when using the 'Indoor guide'-player which is automatically activated for certain tours in museums and other indoor activities the GPS-features of your device won't be activated, since the guide is marked 'Indoor' and therefore we assume you are playing it indoors.

 Last updated Fri, Jun 21 2013 12:00am

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